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Amy Gantt's favorite Artist Tools:
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  • Sketch Pad - Any paper works. I have even used napkins but paper is much easier to keep. Put your money into the Water Color Pencils.
  • Pencils - any pencil that feels good to you as an artist- I prefer mechanical pencils because they do not need to be sharpened
  • Faber Castell WaterColor Pencils There are many brands and levels of watercolor pencils. The Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils are my favorite. They have a nice smooth feel and blend great. It is worth spending the money for good quality pencils. Cheap watercolor pencils will be frustrating and do not blend well. 
  • Watercolor Paint Brushes There are so many paint brushes to choose from. Get a good starter set and then grow from there.
  • Micron Pens These pens are great and are waterproof which is great when working with watercolor pencils.
  • Art Eraser This is a must! The erasers on the end of a pencil should NOT be used in art. The art eraser removes the pencil marks without damaging the paper.
  • Watercolor Paper I have used so many different types of paper from watercolor to cardstock to canvas papers. I believe it is a personal preference. Explore your favorite.
  • Art Classes - Use your imagination, practice and enjoy the process of creating. For more tips and tricks, join me for an Art Class.