5 x 7 Succulent Trio Print with Give Yourself Time To Grow Mini Spiral Notebook

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This set includes one Give Yourself Time to Grow mini spiral notebook and 5 x 7 Succulent Trio  Imagine- Inspire- Dream Art Print

Note Book:

  • Full graphic text:   Give Yourself Time to Grow 
  • 3'' W x 4'' H

5 x 7 Succulent Art Print - Imagine Inspire Dream is an original watercolor design art print that will inspire any room, office or dorm.  The original watercolor design by artist, Amy Gantt is now available as a 5 x 7 Imagine Inspire Dream Art Print

  • Verse: Imagine Inspire Dream
  • Perfect for table, shelf, office or home.
  • Full color Watercolorsucculent design
  • 5 x 7 Art Print
  • Printed on Heavy Paper
  • Printed in USA