Youth Summer Art Camps

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✔Camps are at a great location - Lula Bell, 23 Park Ave., Oakwood, OH
✔Camp Hours: 1 pm-4pm Daily
✔Children Grades:  1-6
    ☞Camp T-Shirt
    ☞3+ projects each day
    ☞snack time
    ☞safe friendly environment
Only $125 per child per week - Cheaper than a babysistter?

Art Camp #3 Exploring the Masters of Art - July 30 - Aug.  2                                

Monday        Exploring Edgar Degas.  Learning his techniques of perspective, composition and the grid method of drawing.
Tuesday        Exploring Georgia O’Keeffe. They will learn about color values and shading to enhance their artwork.
Wednesday   Exploring Alexander Calder.  Creating imaginative mobiles and sculptures with interesting shapes, colors, and motion.
Thursday        Exploring Maria Martinez.  Learning history and culture of the Southwest Pueblo Indians and decorating ceramics.